Improve your traveller’s experience

Transform a distressing and upsetting experience into a satisfying one to secure loyalty,
foster repeat business and leverage NPS.
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We can provide for Airlines & Public National / EU Regulatory Bodies with professional services & consulting


Travellers Insights / Advanced Statistical Analysis

Delays & Cancellations Industry Benchmark

Claims Management process Audit & KPIs

Claims Management Industry Performance Benchmark


For Corporations, Associations
& Public Administrations

• Enhance your Employees’ Experience by providing them with AirRefund’s solution and discharge them from the hassle of handling their own Airlines claims
• Monitor your travellers’ delays and cancellations through the AirRefund “Traveller Experience Dashboard” and measure the impact on employees satisfaction.

For Travel Management Companies & Online Travel Agencies

Enrich your service and differentiate on your market with your own “all-in-one” Claim Management Solution powered by AirRefund.
You will reinforce your relationship with your clients and improve your traveller’s overall experience by including our advanced and unique professional features into your service.