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Has your flight been delayed, cancelled or were you denied boarding because of overbooking?
Did you wait hours in an airport terminal? Did you postpone a meeting because of an unforeseen cancellation?
AirRefund can help you claim compensation for such prejudice.


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If your flight was delayed by three hours or more and if you are:
– a passenger flying to Europe and your flight was operated by a European airline
– a passenger coming from Europe,
you are eligible to compensation.

Have you been denied boarding because of overbooking or another reason and no compensation has been offered?
You are eligible to compensation if you are:
– a passenger flying to Europe and your flight was operated by a European airline
– a passenger coming from Europe.

You are eligible to compensation if you are a passenger:
– flying to Europe and your flight was operated by a European airline
– coming from Europe
and if you are in one of the following situations:
1. Your flight was cancelled less than 14 days before your departure date
2. An alternate flight was provided following a cancellation.
In the second situation, a 50% reduction will apply to the regulation fares. If an alternate flight was provided and you arrived within:
– 2 hours for a domestic flight: the compensation amounts to 125€ (excluding AirRefund commission billed only if the claim is successful)
– 3 hours for a mid-distance flight: the compensation amounts to 200€ (excluding AirRefund commission billed only if the claim is successful)
– 4 hours for a long-distance flight: the compensation amounts to 300€ (excluding AirRefund commission billed only if the claim is successful)

In the event of a successful outcome only, AirRefund will be entitled to a commission, calculated as follows: 30% commission including VAT of the amount of the compensation received.
If no compensation is obtained, nothing is due.

a) 250€ for all flights of 1500 kilometers or less;
b) 400€ for all intra-Community flights of more than 1500 kilometers, and for all other flights between 1500 and 3500 kilometers (as the French overseas departments and territories are part of the European Union, the fare amounts to 400€ even if they are located further than 3500 kilometers from France);
c) 600€ for all flights of more than 3500 kilometers (except French overseas departments and territories).
As soon as the compensation is obtained from the airline and received on AirRefund’s account exclusively reserved for the receipt of compensation payments, two choices are available to collect compensation:
* a wire transfer on a SEPA bank account
* a PayPal transfer
You will also have the option of donating the amount of your choice to our partner Médecins sans frontières.

It depends on the situation and the airline.
Generally, we manage to collect your compensation in 2 to 3 months but the process can last more than a year if the situation is complex and needs to go to the end of a contentious procedure.
You will receive your compensation – minus AirRefund’s commission – as soon as the compensation by the airline is obtained.

You. As the passenger, you have to start the claim (here is the online form) and if it is successful, you will collect compensation.
The European regulation is here to protect individuals (passengers) and repair the wait, stress, tiredness they could have experienced.
This compensation is different from the reimbursement of tickets that can be asked by the employers to their travel companies.

Every member of your family. Every passenger of the flight has to fill out a form to start a claim so we will be able to represent them regarding the airline.
If a member of your family is a minor, her/his guardian will have to fill out the form and sign the letter of authority on her/his behalf.

If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact form.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Want to know more?

To start your claim, we will need:
– a copy or photo of: your E-ticket and/or booking confirmation and/or boarding pass
– a copy or photo of your passport or ID

To defend your rights, we have to represent you. The letter of authority authorizes AirRefund to claim compensation on your behalf.
Of course, this letter of authority only allows AirRefund to represent you in this particular case: your claim management process. This letter of authority ends automatically when the process ends.

All the documents provided and personal data are only used to manage your claim to obtain compensation and better defend your interests.
These data might be shared with the airline in order to enforce your rights. But will not be shared with any third party of any sort.
We will only keep your personal data during the process of your claim and they will be deleted in a period of 1 year maximum after the end of the process.
At any time, you will be able to ask us to modify, correct or delete part or all of your personal data by emailing us.

We start the claim process and communicate amicably with the airline. We discuss about the reasons of the disruption and try to arrive at a compromise to obtain your compensation on your behalf.
You will be kept updated throughout the process.

Yes. Any passengers of any citizenship have the same rights regarding the European Regulation n°261/2004.

If the airline supported all the costs (hotel, meals, drinks etc.) while you were waiting for your flight, you can still claim compensation because these costs are not considered as compensation and regarding the European regulation, the airlines have to provide you with those services.
If the airline offered a compensation and if the amount was less than the fares mentioned in the European regulation and the airline didn’t inform you of your rights, you can start a claim to obtain the whole amount of the regulation fare.

Once you authorize us to start the claim process on your behalf, you have to let us know if you have any contact with the airline.
This will help us better defend your interests, in compliance with our General Terms and Conditions of Sale that describe our respective rights and duties according to the service we offer and at our expense, as long as no compensation has been obtained.

The European regulation n°261/2004 applies to all passengers who have a booking with a seat number but does not apply to passengers travelling free of charge or at a reduced fare not available directly or indirectly to the public.
However, we request passengers who are less than 18 years old to ask their guardians to sign the letter of authority on their behalf.

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